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  • History

    Condotte Immobiliare was created in 2002 from the spin-off of the Ferfina Group's real estate activities. Its true origins, however, date back to the creation of the Real Estate division in Ferrocemento Costruzioni e Lavori Pubblici in 1992. In the years that followed, this Real Estate division experienced gradual but steady growth in terms of its portfolio of real estate development initiatives and of property assets; in quantitative terms, and partly thanks to the real estate division re-entering the parent company's business acquisition plan between 1995 and 1997, its growth can be accurately reflected by the value of its record of managed real estate assets, which had exceeded 90 million euro in 1997.

  • Extraordinary Commissioners

    Dott. Matteo Uggetti
    Prof. Avv. Giovanni Bruno
    Dott. Gianluca Piredda
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    curriculum vitae
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  • Expertise

    Asset Management: identification of new investment opportunities, strategy determination and project coordination.
    Project & Construction Management: management of all project steps for turn-key solutions.
    Global Service - Property & Facility: customized and centralized services in order to maximise the results.