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  • History


    Cossi Costruzioni established in 1976.

    Among the works that have been realised - and are still being realised - by Cossi Costruzioni we would remind the repair of the Mont Blanc Tunnel damaged by the fire raged on 24th march 1999, the realisation of the High Speed Railway between Milan and Bologna, the enlargement of the motorway Milan - Naples on the stretch Orte-Fiano Romano, Trieste High Road System, the doubling of a stretch on Genova-Ventimiglia railway, the accomplishment of four tunnels on Catania-Siracusa motorway, and three tunnel lots on Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway.

    The large expansion registered allowed the company to be placed among the first thirty Italian building enterprises.

    As of 19th December 2008, Ferfina Group has bought directly and indirectly 60% of Cossi Costruzioni S.p.A. share capital.

  • Corporate Boards

    Board of Directors
    Renato Cossi
    Clotilde Cossi
    Enzo Reggiani
    Director and Chief Executive
    Board of Statutory Auditors
    Dott. Claudio Solenghi
    Dott. Francesco Grimaldi
    Dott. Luca Fregoni
    Dott. Marco Tabellini
    Dott. Roberto Carlucci
    Dott. Cesare Caldara
    Chairman and Permanent Auditor
    Permanent Auditor
    Permanent Auditor
    Technical Managers
    Renato Cossi
    Luigi Bonù
    Alberto Balsarini
    Andrea Bera
    Donato Gianoli

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