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Holding Ferfina


The group, which is currently among Italy's largest, has a field of action extending to other geographical regions: Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. It was 1st December 1997 when Ferrocemento - Costruzioni e Lavori Pubblici SpA acquired both Gambogi Costruzioni SpA. and Recchi Costruzioni SpA. This was a crucial step towards its success on the increasingly competitive international construction market. Thus, following this path, the group achieved further integration. On 1st August 1999, a new company was born from the conveyance of Ferrocemento's Public and Private Works arm to Condotte. The name for the new company was based on that of the oldest one: Società Italiana per Condotte d'Acqua SpA. Ferfina SpA retained its position at the head of the group, acting both as the holding company and the financing company. In the following years, under the guidance of the Holding Company, the group grew furthermore, also thanks to the acquisitions of Cossi Costruzioni from Sondrio and of Inso from Florence. A group of Companies close and integrated one to each other that is able to offer up-to-date solution in all sectors of construction market.

Corporate Boards

Board of Directors
Isabella Bruno Tolomei Frigerio
Andrea Guarino
Duccio Astaldi
Vice President
Board Member
Board of Auditors
Claudio Solenghi
Francesco Rocco
Marco Ricci
Andrea Perrone
Roberto Carlucci
Standing Auditor
Standing Auditor
Alternate Auditor
Alternate Auditor
Independent Auditors
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