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  • History


    Inso was established in 1976 inside the ENI (National Hydrocarbon Corporation) Group, in a partnership among Nuovo Pignone, Snamprogetti and Anic. It integrated the design skills of the founding partners with the prefabrication activities developed by Nuovo Pignone plant of Portorecanati, which was set up in 1963 thanks to an idea of Enrico Mattei, the ENI founder.

    After producing prefab petrol stations, Inso started construction of schools and kindergartens in Italy and abroad, and also became involved in emergency logistics and base camps projects. Starting from the ‘70s, Inso extended its business to the construction sector, realizing offices, hotels, research laboratories and especially hospitals.

    The first hospital concession contracts were signed in the regions of Lazio, Lombardy, Tuscany and Marche, thus contributing significantly to the renewal of the Italian hospital network. In the same years, Inso acquired the technical and clinical engineering skills needed to provide health care structures with all the equipment necessary to carry out medical-surgical and diagnostic activities. In a short time, it became a skilled operator in the supply of medical equipment packages and maintenance services.

    In the ‘90s, the company consolidated its position in the field of industrial, civil and commercial buildings as well as in high-tech projects, with special reference to the pharmaceutical field.

    It also set the foundations for its future experience abroad, taking an active part in the renewal program of Greece’s hospital network. Starting from the beginning of this century Inso, following the new public work laws in Italy, recovered the past experiences in the hospital concessions contracts and in a short time became one of the main Italian contactor in PPP projects in the care sector. To best meet the needs of this new market, in 2006 acquired SOF SpA, an historic Florentine company active in the fields of facility and energy management.

    In the last decade finally consolidates its presence in foreign markets, where it is now operating with branches or subsidiaries in several European countries in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa)

  • Extraordinary Commissioners

    Dott. Matteo Uggetti
    Prof. Avv. Giovanni Bruno
    Dott. Gianluca Piredda
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