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Key Features

Condotte, through the aggregation and concentration in a single pole of considerable business, technical, organizational and financial capacities, is positioned with high competitiveness in the market of major public works, and in particular those realised in through PPP scheme. It can count on:

  • Experience, gained since 1880, in the construction industry and a historic presence in foreign markets,
  • High quality management and process know-how of a leader,
  • Company size, critical mass and technical capabilities to act as General Contractor on the domestic and foreign
  • High specialization in the leading sectors of the infrastructure works: tunnels, viaducts, dams, roads, railways, marine works and ports, airports,
  • Expertise in identifying and proposing financial solutions that meet the needs of individual contracts,
  • Certifications of the Company procedures pursuant to international standards in quality, safety and environmental management
  • Adoption and implementation of a Code of Ethics and an appropriate organizational model continuously updated.